Ground Squirrel Removal

Small Rodent Removal

Ground squirrels are well-known for their destructive and invasive behavior. These tiny rodents can cause extensive damage to crops, gardens, and lawns. They dig deep burrows, which can undermine the foundations of buildings, erode soil banks, and disrupt underground utilities. Ground squirrels also have a fondness for certain vegetables and fruits—they love carrots, apples, apricots, pears, corn, beans, and peas—and will make quick work of your vegetable garden if given a chance. 


What Makes Ground Squirrels' A Pest?

Ground squirrels can harm plants by feeding on the bark or leaves of trees and shrubs. They may also spread disease through their droppings, contaminating food sources for other animals and humans. In addition to this, ground squirrel colonies also attract other predators, such as foxes and coyotes, which can have a damaging effect on local ecosystems. Due to their destructive habits, homeowners must take steps to eliminate or control ground squirrels on their property.

This includes removing potential animal food sources, sealing cracks and crevices in buildings, and setting up traps to capture them. In some cases, professional pest control services may need to be called to handle a more severe infestation of ground squirrels. By taking action before an infestation gets out of hand, homeowners can help minimize the damage caused by these destructive rodents.


Full Of Diseases

In addition to the direct damage they cause, ground squirrels can also indirectly threaten humans and other animals due to their tendency to spread diseases such as plague, tularemia, and salmonella through their droppings. These diseases can be a real health risk for people who come into contact with them or consume food that they have contaminated. Furthermore, ground squirrels are also known carriers of fleas which can transmit different types of tapeworms and other parasites to humans and other animals. Therefore, homeowners must eliminate or control ground squirrel infestations on their property to protect themselves from potential risks posed by these harmful rodents.

Ground Squirrel Facts

Ground Squirrels Can't Be Handled

If you encounter a ground squirrel, it is crucial to remain calm and not approach it too closely. Never attempt to handle or capture the animal yourself – this should always be left up to an experienced wildlife specialist with appropriate protective gear for handling wild animals, like disease prevention gloves, masks, etcetera. It is also best to call Gopher Geddon if you believe you have an infestation at your home so that safe removal measures can be implemented quickly before further damage occurs.

Ground Squirrels Show Signs

The most common signs of ground squirrels becoming a problem are the presence of their extensive burrows around your property or nearby land, as well as any damage to crops or vegetables you may find when you inspect your garden. Signs of gnawing on nuts and fruits in the area could also indicate an infestation by these small mammals. Additionally, if you notice an increase in the activity of squirrels within your site, it could tell an established population is present.

Ground Squirrels Cause Damage

Ground squirrels cause a variety of damage both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors dig burrows, leading to soil erosion and destabilizing foundation walls in nearby structures. Indoors they will chew on wiring, which can create fire hazards or make electrical systems malfunction or break down altogether. In addition, they may chew through insulation or other items stored in buildings for food or nesting material.

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