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We understand that gophers and other varmints can cause extensive damage to your property and landscaping. We dispatch quickly and keep our appointments.

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We are here to not only remove the gophers, but destroy their burrows to avoid future invasions. We do not charge anything until we have resolved your pest issues.

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Gopher Extermination Company 

Having gophers on your property can be a significant nuisance, and it’s important to get professional help when dealing with them. Gopher extermination services effectively solve the problem of gophers on your property. Our experienced specialists are highly trained in safe, humane, and effective methods of removing and controlling gophers. We use environmentally friendly techniques designed to leave no long-term damage to your landscape or garden, while protecting it from further damage caused by gophers. 


Effective Extermination

Step 1. Trap and remove target varmint.

Step 2. Destroy burrow and tunnel system to prevent re-infestation by another gopher.


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Servicing Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Municipal Areas

Located in Bluffdale, Utah

Serving Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and surrounding areas.

(Mileage may be added for distances of 25 miles from home site)


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