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Here at Gopher- “geddon”, we use kill traps approved by the U.S. Forest Service to humanely deal with the invading rodents. We cover and secure trap locations to protect other animals or children.

Furthermore, if the subsequently captured gopher is a female and shows signs of motherhood. In that case, we use an industry-approved device approved by the Humane Society as humane for eradicating burrowing rodents, to pump a mixture of oxygen and propane into the burrow and remotely detonate and destroy any young remaining to prevent them from establishing residency and continue wreaking havoc in the landscape or property.

This method leaves no residue or chemicals to cause safety or health concerns for pets, children, livestock, or non-target wildlife such as owls, hawks, foxes, etc.

Effective Extermination

Step 1. Trap and remove target varmint.

Step 2. Destroy the burrow and tunnel system to prevent re-infestation by another gopher.

Follow Up

We provide any necessary follow-ups to ensure all your pest problems are resolved. Our team strives for 100% satisfaction.

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